The programme for BioInnovation Day 2015 will consist of four sessions of project pitches featuring projects selected from both academic research and from start-up companies. Sessions will start with a keynote speech covering important issues for entrepreneurs ranging from partnering and funding opportunities to the business side of managing a life-science start-up company and transforming innovative research ideas into a viable and functional company. The meeting will conclude with the awarding of the BioInnovation-Ecosion Prize.

Below you will find the final programme. 

SESSION 1 - Human Therapeutics
Coffee & croissants
Welcome – Prof. Philippe Moreillon, Vice Rector, University of Lausanne
Project pitches 1-5
Speaker panel – "European Early-Stage Venture Investment Landscape: How to Attract Venture Capital Funding"
Tom Gibbs – Debiopharm Diagnostics, Thomas Goebel – Neomed, Michèle Ollier – Index Ventures, Otello Stampacchia – Omega Funds 

Project pitches 6-10

Stefan Kohler, PACTT: Technology Transfer Office UNIL-CHUV


SESSION 2 - Research Tools
Project pitches 11-15
Invited speaker – "GlycoVaxyn: a brief history and a few lessons..." Philippe Dro – CEO, GlycoVaxyn
Project pitches 16-20

Moderator: Adam Swetloff, Technology Transfer Office EPFL


Lunch and private break-out meetings
SESSION 3 - Medical Devices
Cantonal support for start-up business, Office for Economic Affairs (SPECo) Yvan Dénéréaz

Invited speaker – "Transforming an Innovative Project into a Business: The Anergis Case Study" Vincent Charlon – CEO, Anergis SA
Project pitches 21-26
Moderator: Massimo Nobile, CimArk


SESSION 4 - Digital Health & Diagnostics
Project pitches 27-34

BioInnovation-Eclosion Prize CHF10’000 award presentation
Moderator: Christophe Guichard, Fondation Eclosion

Closing and Apero
Project Pitches
1. Conical Multi-Well Filter Plate Eric Grouzmann
(Philippe Eugster)

2. Cytosens Michael Ferguson Gymetrics SA

3. Innovative stem cell therapies for the blind Veronica Ponce de Leon Innovation Therapeutics

4. A potentially safer treatment for Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (NMIBC) Denise Nardelli Haefliger CHUV

5. SUN Bioscience: 3-D cell spheroid technology Sylke Höhnel EPFL

6. WnTreat: Novel drugs for the treatment of breast cancer Alexey Koval UNIL

7. A novel epigenetic approach to diagnose, prevent and treat cardiac disease using heart specific ‘switch-RNAs’ Samir Ounzain  CHUV

8. Proof of principle study for small molecules inhibitors of the proton channel Hv1 to treat cancer, inflammation and stroke Antoine Chemaly UNIGE

9. BioMe: helping patients to re-establish their gut microbiomes in a personalized and safe way Sandra Sulser UNIL

10. Rendering the immune system resistant to HIV Michael Pepper University of Pretoria & UNIGE

11. DEMOX: a miniature optical oxygen sensor Gilles Weder CSEM

12. Separation of spermatozoa from other cell types in forensically relevant samples Frédéric Grosjean CHUV

13. A smart pipette for single-cell dispensing Georges Muller EPFL

14. Nano-gas sensors for environmental and health applications Klaus Leifer Uppsala University

15. Novel sensors and method for high throughput screening (HTS) Stefan Kunz CHUV

16. MesenFLow Technologies: Translational Solutions in Drug Development Paul Bradfield MesenFlow Technologies

17. Environmental DNA barcodes for ecodiagnostics Jan Pawlowski UNIGE

18. Automated microfluidic platforms for C. elegans arraying, phenotyping, and long-term analysis Matteo Cornaglia EPFL

19. SmartDetection: a novel technology for user-friendly and portable analytical platforms capable to detect arsenic and several other compounds Davide Merulla UNIL

20. Bioactive animal food Mario Zaiss EPFL

21. Lambda Health System Aurélien Fauquex HEIG-VD

22. A new perivascular hydrogel-microparticles drug delivery system to prevent stenosis in cardiovascular disease. François Saucy CHUV-UNIGE

23. Insulin delivery system for the insulin pen market Matteo De Donatis Medirio SA

24. SurfLink®: Revolutionary surface treatment for bone anchored implants Bjorn-Owe Aronsson Nano Bridging Molecules SA

25. Intento: solutions to extend Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy to all stroke patients Andrea Maesani EPFL / Intento

26. Sterilux: a new sterilization technique for developping countries Michel Stettler Sterilux Sarl

27. DermoSafe: A patient-centric & integrated end-to-end solution for skin cancer screening Philippe Held DermoSafe SA

28. EzeCHieL: the future of therapeutic monitoring of drug concentrations Séverine Petitprez  CHUV-HEIG-VD

29. Biocorpora: Creating Value with Effective Scientific Data Management  Cedric Merlot Drugdesigntech SA

30. MED'PROFILE, your international health passport Benjamin Philippe Swiss Medbank SA

31. Prediction of difficult tracheal intubation with automatic face analysis and artificial intelligence Patrick Schoettker CHUV-EPFL

32. From logbook to operational tool Stephanie Golamco Reallience SA

33. Production of Hyperpolarized MRI Contrast Agents Sami Jannin EPFL

34. GlobalDiagnostiX: a novel digital x-ray solution for the Global South Bertrand Klaiber EPFL